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Minutes – AWGTB – 3/16/2021

Meeting called to order 9:45 Discussion around budget for the program and next year balance. With covid this year we charged more due having to rent gym time. Motion to vote to make a refund to parents. All in favor. Entire board voted yes. Motion to vote Joe Shaw in as the new board member…
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Minutes – AWJGBC – 3/11/2021

AGENDA: 1. Review/Approval of prior board meeting minutes 2. Budget Review/Vote 3. Status of Electing new Board Members 4. Whitehouse Field Going Concern 5. Capital Projects MINUTES Attendees: KARI JOHNSON, ROB BROSE, DAWN RAY, MIKE NOWICKI, JACK POTKANOWICZ, JARED HOOKS, DAN BUMPUS, STEVE CURRY 1. Jared Hooks opened the meeting at approximately 7:02 2. A…
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