We’d love for you to join us! As a participating youth activity, you will receive a collection of remarkable benefits, so you can focus on the kids and what you love rather than a mountain of paperwork. It’s a win-win!

What we don’t do

Our board of trustees is made up of caring community members as well as participating youth activity representatives. our purpose is to run the administrative side of each activity from a financial, liability and registration standpoint. We do not provide oversight for activities such as running day-to-day operations and logistics, addressing concerns over “fairness” in regards to individual coaches, volunteers, or specific activity rules or regulations; or create individual activity budgets. Such concerns much be addressed directly to the coaches and volunteer leadership board members of each corresponding activity.

Benefits of joining

Online Registration

We manage the entire registration process for you, including collecting fees, providing downloadable real-time reports, and hosting the easy-to-access web portal.

Financial Management

Our staff provides a monthly detailed profit and loss report, tracking income received and expenses incurred, matching this to your approved budget.

Risk  and Liability Insurance

Your board, volunteers, and even spectators of practice and games will be covered under the AWYF umbrella liability insurance.  Our bookkeeper and treasurer are also bonded for your protection.

Shared Overhead Cos

The majority of purchases made for participating activities qualify as tax exempt, because AWYF is a 501c3 nonprofit public charity.


Take part in several opportunities year round to help raise money, including events such as the Annual Gala Event, Annual Appeal, , as well as selling concessions for other AWYF activities.


Receive logo and name recognition through a variety of outreach efforts including:  community mailings to thousands of Anthony Wayne School District households; participation in local community events such as Cherry Fest, Roche De Boeuf, and Monclova Homecoming; display on the AWYF Truck; fundraising presentations to local community organizations, business leaders, government representatives, foundations, and private individuals; and a prominent website listing.


Join forces with other activities to garner elusive sponsorships from large corporations.

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