Your Contribution Matters!

  • We have provided multiple scholarships to local kids to cover registration fees.
  • Your thoughtful donation to our 501(c) (3) charitable organization can be directed to the Bluecreek Recreation Area or your favorite program(s) and paid over twelve (12) months.
  • AWYF Philanthropic Gifts Program will allow any individual or company to contribute, publicly traded stock, bonds and mutual funds as well as give real estate and other hard to value assets. We are also open to gifts that provide current and future tax deductions such as: a charitable remainder trust, a charitable lead trust, bequests, life insurance and charitable gift annuities. Please contact any AWYF Board of Trustee to discuss this further.
  • The Foundation's chairman, legal counsel or any board member will be glad to discuss your proposed gift to the Foundation and to cooperate fully with you and your advisors in implementing this gift. Our desire is to build an on going endowment fund that will allow us to help AW youth organizations implement their community development projects.
  • A gift of cash (one-time, monthly, or quarterly) allows you to take the maximum income tax deduction and allows us to put your gift immediately to work.
  • A multi-year pledge to maximize tax deductions and spread a larger gift over two or three years.
  • An annual sponsorship from $100 - $5,000 or more that has community-wide marketing opportunities and recognition benefits.


We appreciate your support!

In Kind

Gifts-In-Kind are also welcome!

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You have Questions. We have Answers.


Why should I give money to the AWYF?

A: You should invest in the AWYF because we serve the Anthony Wayne Community, including Whitehouse, Waterville, Waterville Township, Monclova, and parts of Swanton Township, Providence-Neapolis, and Middleton Township. We provide opportunities for kids to participate in active and passive recreational activities in a safe setting. We exist to support children, but there are other community benefits to our work, such as an improved quality of life and increased property values realized by creating the BCRA.


Q: Why should I donate to the AWYF when I already pay for my child to participate?

A: Great question! The activity fees you pay cover uniforms and equipment for your team for the year. While it varies from team to team, your fee may also cover non-AWYF League Association fees; referee fees; coaches and volunteer background checks; AWYF administrative costs; and some capital, repair/maintenance, rental, and insurance premium costs. We set fees to cover what is necessary, and only a small percentage of fees go toward all of the capital improvements the fields need to be safe, well-maintained recreational spaces for our children. Note: Fees do not cover all expenses and NO TAXPAYER dollars are received.


What does the AWYF do with the other revenue it receives?

A: The major funding we’ve received has been dedicated to infrastructure and major projects such as completing the multipurpose area consisting of baseball, softball, soccer, football, and lacrosse fields. It costs money to maintain operations and keep programs running smoothly, and as a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization, AWYF is committed to operating as efficiently as possible.


What about taxes?

A: AWYF does not receive funding from taxes. A very small portion of local taxes may contribute to some of the operating expenses, but the biggest burden of upkeep for the active recreation area falls on AWYF. We do not receive any tax money for operating expenses to maintain facilities.


I am unable to make a large donation, can I still help?

A: Absolutely! Gifts of all sizes will help reach our 2016/2017 fundraising goal of $500,000 for the Anthony Wayne Youth Foundation.