Minutes – AWYF – 1/21/2021

AWYF Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2021


Drew Miller – AWYF (Chair Person)
Eric Talbert – AWLAX
Chris Chisholm – AWJRGBB (Treasurer)
Gary Loach – At Large
John Rozic – AWYSL (Counsel)
Pat Johnson – AWYFL
Jeff Meyer – AWABSA (Vice Chair)
Jared Hooks – AWJGBC
Robin Martin ‐ AWSC
Bob Brannan – AWYSL (Secretary)

Administration: Mandi Brannan ‐ AWYF Executive Director was in attendance.

Sara Bowen – AW Ski Club
B. J. Reichert – AWJRGBB
Kevin Herman – AW Schools
Ed Schofield – AWGTB
Phil Miller – AWSC
Amanda Bialecki – AW Cheer


Virtual Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.

  1. Meeting Minutes for the November 19, 2020 Meeting: A motion to accept the minutes for the 11/19/2020 meeting was made by Chris Chisholm, with a second being made by Eric Talbert. A yes vote carried with unanimous approval.
  2. Meeting Minutes for the December 17, 2020 Meeting: A motion to accept the minutes for the 12/17/2020 meeting was made by Gary Loach, with a second being made by Eric Talbert. A yes vote carried with unanimous approval.
  3. Financial Statement Review (Internal): A brief review of the financial statement took place between the attendees.
  4. Chairman’s Report:
    1. The Kirby LAX Group has made the determination to NOT be part of AWYF for the current season.
    2. During the chairman’ report, Amanda Bialecki inquired into the status of biddy wrestling (up to sixth grade) as an additional activity for the AWYF to consider.
    3. During the chairman’s report, Mandi Brannan indicated that last month’s meeting with Lori Williams went well.
  5. Committee Updates:
    1. Systems:
      1. Raffle Update: To date, there have been no sign‐ups.
      2. Registration / Database Platform: The registration platform is live and functioning. The current website traffic is being redirected from awcommunity.net to Sports Engine.
    2. Development & Communication:
      1. Bylaws, budget and meeting schedule reminders were noted. Mandi is looking for activities to updated her on their status.
      2. It was noted that there should be a resurrection of the committee to manage the newsletter and communication through Sports Engine.
      3. 2021 Fundraising Event: It was noted that there could be a Spring‐time fund raising event in the form of a golf scramble and/or purse bingo. AWYF is looking for volunteers to manage the event.
    3. Master Facilities: 
      1. John is in the midst of pursuing the Metroparks attorney in order to finalize the lease.
      2. Second PPP Loan: Mandi is pursuing a second PPP loan through Farmers and Merchants Bank.
    4. Field Use Committee:
      1. AED: There has been no progress on this item. As a consequence of the inactivity of this item, it will be removed from the agenda for upcoming meetings.
      2. Batting Cage Update: There has been no progress with this topic. AWJGBC may take up this effort on their own.
  6. Additional Topics:
    1. Spring Mailer: The spring mailer will be electronically distributed. There was mention of using tear‐off pads strategically located in the area. Mandi will research costs associated with this endeavor. Robin noted that she has had previous experiences with administering electronic media advertisements with the schools, Chamber of Commerce and other community groups.
    2. Twitter Account: AWYF will be opening a Twitter account for communication purposes.
    3. AWYF Board Operations: Updated bylaws require an organizational meeting for new board members terms and appointments. Positions are intended to be grouped with three year terms and alternating schedules.
    4. Volleyball Programs: Jillian Stawicki has approached AWYF to join for leagues and camps. Information was given and AWYF is waiting to hear back.
  7. Meeting Conclusion: At approximately 7:40 p.m., the meeting concluded.

Minutes respectively submitted by Bob Brannan, Secretary

The next AWYF Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 18, 2021. This meeting will be held using Microsoft Teams at 7 p.m.

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