Minutes – AWYF – 2/18/2021

AWYF Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
February 18, 2021


Drew Miller – AWYF (Chair Person)
Eric Talbert – AWLAX
Chris Chisholm – AWJRGBB (Treasurer)
Gary Loach – At Large
John Rozic – AWYSL (Counsel)
Kevin Herman – At Large
Jared Hooks – AWJGBC
Sara Bowen – AW Ski
Amanda Bialecki - Cheer

Administration: Mandi Brannan ‐ AWYF Executive Director was in attendance.

Bob Brannan – AWYSL (Secretary)
Jeff Meyer – AWABSA (Vice Chair)
Ed Schofield – AWGTB
Phil Miller – AWSC
Pat Johnson - AWYFL


Virtual Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm.

  1. Meeting Minutes Approval: Meeting Minutes for the January 21st Meeting: A motion to accept the minutes for the 1/21/21 meeting was made by Eric Talbert, with a second being made by Kevin Herman. A yes vote carried with unanimous approval.
  2. Financial Statement Review (Internal): A brief review of the financial statement took place between the attendees.
  3. Chairman’s Report: No updates were discussed.
  4. Committee Updates:
    1. Systems:
      1. Raffle Update: To date, there have been 4 families to sign-up.
      2. Registration / Database Platform: Several activities have opened for registration within SE and going well. Discount codes have been utilized as well as the ability to cap participant numbers.
    2. Development & Communication:
      1. Bylaws, budget and meeting schedule(s) need to be forwarded for public posting.
      2. Looking for individuals/activities to provide contact for quarterly (monthly) newsletter for distribution.
      3. 2021 Fundraising Event: Looking for committee members. Amanda Bialecki has volunteered.
      4. Spring Mailer: Flyers for activities over the spring/summer will be issued electronically this year in an effort to reduce expenses. Kevin Herman to look into the AWYF placing a link to the materials on the AW Local Schools website.
    3. Master Facilities: 
      1. John Rozic is attempting to finalize lease details. He has received a draft from the Metroparks and it was noted that a sketch of the property will need to be included in the agreement. Drew Miller to get clarification from parties regarding the use of the baseball field behind Whitehouse Inn and allow for it to be listed separately for a land use agreement. It is expected that the land use agreement will be for a period of 3-5 years. Alternate uses for the space have not been disclosed.
      2. Second PPP Loan: 2nd round of loan applications have been released. AWYF will pursue additional funding for loss of revenue of more than 25%.
      3. Master Plan Revisit: There is a committee organized to revisit the master plan. The committee consists of Drew, Jared, John and Bob but they have not met as yet.
    4. Field Use Committee:
      1. Field Use Committee was able to meet virtually and reiterate field booking policy and priorities. New committee members: Emily Glick (AWSC) and Mike Nowicki (AWJRGBC). Mask mandate will remain in place at Blue Creek until further notice.
      2. Batting Cage Update: There has been no progress with this topic.
      3. Concession trailer: A brief discussion took place regarding the financial feasibility of having the trailer open for the soccer season with the current COVID restrictions in place. It was decided that the trailer will be closed for the spring season and discussed again before fall season opens.
  5. Additional Topics:
    1. AWYF Board Operations: Updated bylaws have been presented and posted with requested changes made. Trustees terms were introduced with proposed term expiration dates staggered in an effort to stabilize board turnover. It was discussed that as activity trustees term is nearing an end, a nomination will be put forth for a replacement. If a position is vacated earlier than the term date, nomination for replacement can be made earlier. There are no limits to the number of terms a trustee can serve. A motion was made to accept the trustees by Chris Chisholm and a second by Gary Loach. Each trustee abstaining from voting for themselves, motion carried. There were no additional nominations/volunteers for an officer’s position. A motion to accept the current officers was made by Gary Loach and a second was made by Kevin Herman. Each officer abstaining from voting for themselves, the motion carried.
    2. Activity Budgets will be due in May. A draft of the most recently completed season will be sent to each activity via their treasurer for use in drafting a 2021-2022 budget.
  6. Meeting Conclusion: At approximately 7:44 p.m., the meeting concluded. A motion to adjourn was made by Eric Talbert and a second by Amanda Bialecki. Motion carried.

Minutes respectively submitted by Mandi Brannan, Executive Director

The next AWYF Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 18, 2021. This meeting will be held using Microsoft Teams at 7 p.m.

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