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Benefits to Families & the Community

Improves quality of life

When community members feel safe and comfortable in their neighborhood, they are more likely to be socially active and interact with one another. Eventually, they make friends with one another, participating in block parties, seasonal festivities, holiday celebrations, and other collective celebrations that foster a sense of belonging and inclusion. Social connections and friendships (at all ages) are directly correlated lowered stress levels and an enhanced quality of life.

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Promotes community pride

Youth activities provide an opportunity for neighbors to come together behind a common cause, focusing on the kids, and improving their perception of the neighborhood in which they live.

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Increases family solidarity

Besides making kids feel supported and loved, families who actively participate in their kids’ activities or attend events achieve solidarity by cheering their family members on collectively and working towards a shared goal.

Increases property values

Couples, newlyweds, and families with kids are drawn to safe, child-friendly neighborhoods. Kids playing outside with family members watching and actively participating in their success are a tremendous unspoken motivator to renters and home buyers alike. New developments such as the Blue Creek Recreation Area (link to BCRA page) are linked in other communities throughout the nation with concrete increases in property values.

Reduces crime

In conjunction with the positive experiences provided by youth activities, communities with successful youth sports programs report lower levels of major crime, fewer school suspensions, and a reduction in other anti-social behavior.

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You Can Help!

When kids participate in youth activities, the benefits stretch far beyond the child enrolled.  In fact, communities who embrace and support youth activities flourish as well.

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