Minutes – AWYF – 11/19/2020

AWYF Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2020


Drew Miller – AWYF (Chair Person)
Phil Miller – AWSC
Chris Chisholm – AWJRGBB (Treasurer)
Gary Loach – At Large
Jeff Meyer – AWABSA (Vice Chair)
John Rozic – AWYSL (Counsel)
Jared Hooks ‐ AWJGBC
Pat Johnson – AWYFL
Eric Talbert – AWLAX
Bob Brannan – AWYSL (Secretary)
Amanda Bialecki – AW Cheer

Administration: Mandi Brannan ‐ AWYF Executive Director was in attendance.

Sara Bowen – AW Ski Club
B. J. Reichert – AWJRGBB
Kevin Herman – AW Schools
Ed Schofield – AWGTB


Virtual Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.

  1. Meeting Minutes for the October 15, 2020 Meeting: A motion to accept the minutes for the 10/15/2020 meeting was made by Chris Chisholm, with a second being made by Jaren Hooks. A yes vote carried with unanimous approval.
  2. Financial Statement Review (Internal): A brief review of the financial statement took place between the attendees. Currently, the financial status for the year is off by approximately $22k.
  3. Chairman’s Report:
    1. Lease: The Metroparks would like to have the lease finalized by 12/31/2020. The lease could be either year to year, five‐year or ten‐year term. The walking path and playground equipment are not the responsibility of AWYF.
    2. It was noted that the Metroparks lease will not include the baseball field located behind the Whitehouse Inn.
    3. The east expansion, once deemed as an AWYF area, will no longer be an option as a result of an animal habitat.
  4. Committee Updates:
    1. Systems:
      1. Raffle Update: Raffle is going well. The drawing is scheduled for the middle of December.
      2. Registration / Database Platform: The basketball activity was used as a proof of concept. The website is awcommunity.net. This site continues to be under construction.
      3. A motion to increase the family fee to $100.00 (from $90.00) was made by Chris Chisholm, with a second being made by Bob Brannan. A yes vote carried with unanimous approval.
    2. Development & Communication: Bylaws, budgets and meeting schedules need to be organized for quick retrieval. All meeting schedules must be forwarded to Mandi for her to post on AWYF website.
    3. Master Facilities: 
      1. It was suggested that board revisit the master plan to update priorities, cost estimates and specific activity requests. A sub‐committee will be formed in the near future.
      2. Lease: Refer to chairman’s report paragraph.
    4. Field Use Committee:
      1. GSI determined that the tree damage is a result of trimming too close to the tree. GSI performed a ‘deep root’ fertilization. This service is typically accomplished for $400.00. GSI donated the service to AWYF. They may repeat this service in the spring of 2021.
      2. Return‐to‐play: Currently, there are no changes from last month’s meeting. Lori Williams would like to meet for an overview of the Covid mandates and requirements. AWYF is looking for a volunteer to be a part of this committee. For the time being, AWYF will follow the OHSAA requirements.
      3. AED: There has been no progress on this item. During last month’s meeting, the following items were discussed:
        1. It appears as though the cost of this item is approximately $2k.
        2. The volunteer is putting money aside to make this purchase.
        3. Both monthly inspections and biennial training for AED resuscitation are requirements.
        4. The police station is located along the north property line of Blue Creek.
        5. In a past AWYF meeting, it was noted that the AWYF board had asked the volunteer to visit other sports facilities to see how they are handling the implementation of an AED.
      4. Batting Cage Update: There has been no progress with this topic. AWJGBC may take up this effort on their own.
  5. Additional Topics:
    1. AWYF Operations Committee: The operations committee has worked on updating the bylaws. The draft copy of the updated bylaws and code of regulations have been discussed. A ten‐day meeting notice will be added in order to decrease the potential for a potential rogue board meeting. A motion to adopt the updated bylaws and code of regulations was made by Amanda Bialecki, with a second being made by Chris Chisholm. A yes vote carried with unanimous approval.
    2. Drew intends to follow‐up with Dennis Kirby with regard to a new lacrosse activity.
    3. End of season survey results:
      1. AWCheer: Season went well considering the Covid issues. There was a 50/50 result with the activity’s level of organization.
      2. AWJGBC: season went well. Survey response level seems very low.
      3. AWYFL: Season went very well. The sport of football is difficult to play with no contact being permitted.
  6. Meeting Conclusion: At approximately 8:21 p.m., the meeting concluded. A motion to adjourn was made by Bob Brannan, with a second being made by Chris Chisholm. A yes vote carried with unanimous approval.

Minutes respectively submitted by Bob Brannan, Secretary

The next AWYF Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 17, 2020. This meeting will be held using Microsoft Teams at 7 p.m.

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