Do It Anyway Day – Trash Pickup

Have you seen the trash in the field across from Kroger and said to yourself, "That is disgusting...someone needs to do something about that." Well I have good news--the time has come, and we intend to do it ourselves on April 7th at 9am.

Is it our job? No. But we will DO IT ANYWAY.
Will it be gross? Yes. But we will DO IT ANYWAY.
Could it rain? Yes. But we will DO IT ANYWAY.

Dr. Jon and Dr. Tyler Schwanz at Rebel Chiropractic look at this landfill every day and they are tired of the excuses. So we are calling on our fellow citizens to stop waiting for the proper people to take the proper action, and stop weighing blame and responsibility and just "do it anyway."

"In a complacent world, quick to complain, but slow to act, it's an act of REBELLION to do what isn't your job, for no compensation, just because it is the right thing to do."

God gave us air in our lungs again today that he didn't have to give. It's up to us to do the most with it.

Do It Anyway Day --Trash Pickup
APRIL 7th at 9:00am

Bring gloves, work clothes, and any trash pickup equipment you have personally.
Rebel Chiropractic, Zion Member: Greg Durivage with Thrivent Financial, Molly Good with Heartland of Waterville, and now Zion Lutheran church will be supporting the event in either volunteers or by purchasing trash bags.

We'll leave when it's done.

Yours for better health,
Tyler Schwanz D.C.

Rebel Chiropractic
1222 Pray Blvd
Waterville, OH 43566
419.392.5680 (C)

"You never know what something you think, say, or do, today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow"

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