Blue Creek Recreation Area (BCRA)

About Blue Creek

Bluecreek Recreation Area (BCRA), located in the heart of the Anthony Wayne community is a beautiful, open green space park enveloped in a natural setting designed for active and passive recreation. Amenities include fields for Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Baseball & Softball. In addition there is a multi-use bike path, sledding hill, fishing quarry, acres of green space with ample parking all poised to be the single best amenity in western Lucas County.

The Anthony Wayne Community is one of the fastest growing communities in the State of Ohio. This growth although positive has put a strain on our recreational parks and programs, limited field availability, scheduling nightmare for rained out games, have to share fields.

Provide an important urban 'social space' which is used by a broader social spectrum than most other cultural services.

Are aesthetically pleasing; they provide visual diversity in a neighborhood. Combat urban crawl. By preserving open space, they serve as wildlife habitat. Support the ecosystem which is good for the environment.

Thanks to our partners

  • Anthony Wayne Soccer Club
  • Diversified Road and Pipe
  • Metroparks of the Toledo Area
  • US Soccer Foundation
  • Village of Whitehouse
  • Waterville Landscaping and Irritation
  • YMCA/JCC of Greater Toledo

Research and benefits

  • A study for the East Bay Regional Park District in California found the following chain of causation: parks in the District contribute to the area's high quality of life, which attracts and retains businesses, which drives economic growth, with the end result being that jobs and income are generated for community members. Source
  • Recreational facilities provide real financial benefits for the local governments: businesses are attracted to a community's high quality of life, property values rise, and increased tax revenues are generated to help fund local governments' programs and priorities.

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