Annual Family Recreational Facilities Fee

At only $90 per family per year, the annual recreational facilities fee is a great value! It reduces administrative needs for activities so they can focus on the kids. It also makes it easier for the kids to raise money because costs are lower. Administrative functions and cost are covered by AWYF.

What is the family fee?

The Annual Family Recreational Facilities Fee is a one-time $90 fee assessed per family (not per child) for members of all participating youth activities each calendar year. The fee is assessed regardless of the number of active participants or activities within each family and in addition to any individual activity participation fees.

What does it cover?

The Annual Family Recreational Facilities Fee helps to cover various costs not typically covered by individual activity fees including:

  • Association fees
  • AWYF administrative costs
  • Background checks for coaches and volunteers
  • Blue Creek Recreation Area
    - Capital improvements
    - Field equipment and supplies
    - Mowing, fertilizing, watering, and turf maintenance
    - Rental costs
    - Repair and maintenance
    - Utilities (electricity, gas, sewage)
  • Insurance premiums (players, coaches, volunteers, spectators)
  • Scholarships

How is the fee determined?

Fees are set by the AWYF Board of Trustees, comprised of representatives from participating activities.

How much of the fee is absorbed by AWYF?

Portions of the fee support administrative efforts for participating activities including marketing, web maintenance, fundraising, office utilities and supplies.

How much of the fee pays for the new Blue Creek Recreation Area?

  • Only a small percentage goes toward capital improvements the fields need to be a safe, well-maintained recreational space for our children.
  • The development of the Blue Creek Recreational Area within the Anthony Wayne School district provides the opportunity for our community to come together with the recognized goal of improving and providing the opportunities for our youth to play on fields and facilities that are established and maintained to high standards.
  • It adds significant value to our community and is a place that we can call home now and into the foreseeable future.
  • We have continued to expand the opportunities at Blue Creek with the addition of a multi-use area that contains four baseball/softball diamonds as well as soccer, football & lacrosse fields, a new fully irrigated section of playing surface and a paved and maintained walking path, which provide for existing and emerging sports and recreation.
  • This growth of participants and expansion has added additional financial stress on our current resources and recreational facilities.

Why was the fee assessed?

The Annual Family Recreational Facilities Fee was implemented in 2013 in lieu of a community tax. It is the hope of AWYF and participating activities that some of the costs incurred through the enhancement of youth activities and creation of the Blue Creek Recreation Area would be supplemented through the fee.


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